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Ullswater Care Centre is a charming care centre, situated in Pease Pottage, in the heart of West Sussex. Our commitment is to provide the utmost support to those living with long-term neurological conditions, where residents are surrounded by like-minded individuals and supported by a specialist nursing team determined to go the extra mile to help our residents continue to thrive. In addition to our exceptional care services, we offer various facilities for residents’ enjoyment, including 10 ensuite bedrooms, communal lounges, and a sensory room. These amenities are accessible to our residents throughout the day, providing a welcoming space to relax with loved ones whilst enjoying their favourite refreshments in the place that they are most comfortable. We want our residents to continue to get the most out of their days, so offer live entertainment & activities for them to take part in on a daily basis.

Witnessing our residents living an enhanced and happy life brings us joy. We are committed to ensuring that those we support continue to engage in activities important to them. While our team is available 24/7 for any necessary support or companionship, we also value and encourage residents’ independence, allowing them to be as self-sufficient as they wish to be.

Accessible Landscaped Garden

At Ullswater Care Centre, we have an accessible landscaped garden that is a picturesque retreat for our permanent and respite residents. Our garden offers numerous inviting seating areas, ideal for enjoying with loved ones. We know how important it is to continue making cherished memories with those closest to you, therefore we extend an invitation to the friends and family of residents regularly. Designed with easily accessible pathways for strolls and strategically placed benches for those seeking a quiet spot to read, the garden is a versatile outdoor space. Residents have the opportunity to personalise the garden using a variety of pots and raised planters, allowing them to showcase their favourite plants or flowers.

Throughout the summer, we host multiple events for celebratory days or weeks, extending invitations to the local community to join us in celebrating at our care centre in Pease Pottage. It’s a shared space that fosters community engagement and provides a family environment for all to enjoy.

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Communal Lounges

Acknowledging the importance of an active lifestyle and moments of rest, Ullswater Cottage features an inviting communal lounge. This space provides residents with a cosy setting to socialise with friends and loved ones. Residents are also supported to maintain contact with loved ones by having access to telephones and an iPad for video calls. The lounge is thoughtfully equipped with a diverse selection of books and magazines and residents are warmly encouraged to bring their reading materials too, adding a personal touch to the space.

Emphasising comfort as a top priority, we’ve built the lounge with an assortment of cushions and comfortable seating, ensuring residents have a range of options to experience the utmost relaxation.

Ullswater cottage lounge


At Ullswater Cottage in Pease Pottage, we have a full time, qualified team of chefs and kitchen staff who work tirelessly to create a menu that tailors to the preferences of our residents. All meals are prepared with care ensuring they are delicious and nutritious with a variety of colours and textures based on what our residents enjoy the most. We want residents to spend as much time as possible with those closest to them so we extend a warm welcome to the family and friends of those who reside with us.

Our team goes above and beyond for our permanent and respite care residents by planning a variety of social events, including summertime BBQs and an annual Christmas dinner. These events are consistently well-received by our residents and their loved ones adding a delightful touch to their daily experiences. In our unwavering commitment to promoting independence, residents also have the flexibility to choose their preferred dining setting.

Ullswater Cottage care centre dining area

En-Suite Bedrooms

At Ullswater Care Centre, meticulous attention has been dedicated to the design of each of our 10 ensuite bedrooms reflecting our commitment to going above and beyond. Residents have ample space to organize their personal belongings, and can enjoy beautiful views and designated areas for relaxation. Each bedroom is carefully furnished with a personalised colour scheme and offers a consistently comfortable environment.

Each bedroom includes a range of technologies and features that make life easier for residents, including a profiling bed, a nurse calling system, and an adapted bathroom or wet room. We actively promote personalisation, encouraging residents to bring treasured items from home, enabling them to truly transform their rooms into a personal sanctuary.

Ullswater Cottage care centre bedroom

Live Entertainment & Activities

At Ullswater Care Centre, our comprehensive nursing and respite care includes regular live entertainment & activities designed to enrich the lives of our residents. Our activities coordinators collaborate closely with residents and their relatives to determine their preferences and tailor this to our weekly schedule. Not only do we encourage residents to continue pursuing their existing passions but we also invite them to explore new interests.

Our residents have the opportunity to enjoy a continuous array of engaging activities, whether it’s planting flowers in the garden, participating in card games, or discovering the local charm of Pease Pottage. At Ullswater, we offer an environment that promotes the enjoyment of a variety of fulfilling activities, contributing to the overall well-being of our residents.

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Sensory Room

Step into a world of tranquillity and comfort with our Sensory Room at Ullswater Care Centre. Carefully designed to cater to the diverse needs of our residents, this specialised space offers a multisensory experience that engages sight, sound, touch, and scent. Soft, ambient lighting offers relaxation, while plush furnishings create a cosy environment.

The room is equipped with interactive features, allowing residents to explore and interact with soothing visuals and sounds. Whether used for therapeutic purposes, relaxation, or simply as a peaceful retreat, our sensory room is a cherished asset, providing a unique and personalised experience to our permanent and respite residents.

ullswater cottage sensory room

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