A laid table in the dining room at Upper Mead Care Home

Life at Upper Mead Care Home

Upper Mead Care Home is a beautiful nursing care home located in the heart of historic Henfield. When residing with us, you can expect a true family atmosphere around like-minded people and a team who are determined to go the extra mile to enable you to live your best life. On top of our exceptional care services, we have different facilities for residents to enjoy including 47 en-suite bedrooms, communal lounges and our hair salon. These are open to our residents at any time of the day to relax with those closest to them while enjoying their favourite refreshments in our dining room. Residents are urged to live an active lifestyle and can do so in our private courtyard or through our dynamic activities programme, there will always be something for everybody to take part in.

We love seeing smiles and work hard to ensure that those we support continue to do the things that make them happy. It is paramount to us that residents feel that they’re at home at Upper Mead Care Home and fill their days with the things that make them smile. Whilst our team is available 24/7 for any support or companionship that residents need, we still give them the opportunity to be as independent as possible.

Communal Lounges

Recognising the significance of both an active lifestyle and moments of relaxation, we’ve built an inviting communal lounge at our care home in Henfield. These spaces offer residents a comfortable environment to socialise with friends and loved ones or connect with family members for a virtual catch-up. Our lounges are well-stocked with a variety of books and magazines, and residents are encouraged to bring their reading materials to make the space even more personal. Keeping comfort as a top priority, we’ve furnished the lounges with an array of cushions and cosy chairs, ensuring residents have ample choices for a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

book corner with seats and coffee table


At Upper Mead Care Home in Henfield, our highly skilled chefs and dedicated kitchen team collaborate daily to prepare a diverse and nutritious menu. Tailored to our residents’ preferences, our meals reflect what they love to eat the most. Our team values and recognises the importance of spending quality time with loved ones so we extend a warm welcome for them to join us. Our team goes the extra mile by organising various social events, including cheese and wine nights, food or drink tastings, and engaging cooking demonstrations. These events are always a hit with our residents, adding a delightful touch to their daily experiences. In our commitment to promote independence for our residents, they have the flexibility to choose where they’d like to dine – whether it’s in the elegant dining room, in a cosy spot in front of the TV, or al fresco in the courtyard during the warmer summer months.

juice and flowers on table at upper mead care home

Dynamic Activities Programme

Here at Upper Mead Care Home, we offer a dynamic activities programme as part of our all-inclusive care package. On our wonderful team, we have activities coordinators who plan daily activities for our residents to take part in, encompassing both indoor and outdoor activities that enhance cognitive functions and keep them active. We don’t only encourage residents to continue pursuing their existing passions but also to explore new interests. There’s a constant flow of activities, whether it involves planting flowers in the garden, engaging in card games, or exploring the local charm of Henfield. At Upper Mead, we promote an environment where residents can enjoy a variety of fulfilling activities that contribute to their overall well-being.

Residents arranging flowers at Upper Mead Care Home

En-Suite Bedrooms

At Upper Mead Care Home, we have devoted time to the design of each of our 47 en-suite bedrooms, ensuring that we go the extra mile. Ample space is provided to our residents to store their personal belongings, as well as different areas for relaxation. Each bedroom adheres to a specific colour scheme, and our commitment to maintaining furniture in excellent condition ensures a comfortable environment for our residents.  Each bedroom is thoughtfully equipped with essential features to address the unique needs of our residents, including a profiling bed, a nurse calling system, and an adapted bathroom or wetroom. We actively encourage personalisation, inviting residents to bring cherished items from home to truly make their rooms their own.

upper mead care home bedroom

Hair Salon

At Upper Mead Care Home, we understand how important it can be to continue to be pampered throughout every aspect of our lives. We have an in-house hairdresser who visits our care home in Henfield regularly and has formed brilliant relationships with our residents. Even spending an hour in the hair salon can help people leave with a newfound sense of confidence and happiness. The physical and mental well-being of our residents is so important to us which is why it makes us so happy to see their smiles once they have finished having a pamper in the hair salon.

Hair Salon at Upper Mead Care Home

Private Courtyard

Our private courtyard is a section of our care home that we are most proud of. It spans the length of the home and is a beautiful space for residents, loved ones and members of the local community to enjoy. There are ample areas to sit, which is perfect for al fresco in the summer months. The courtyard is designed with easily accessible pathways for leisurely walks and benches strategically placed for those who prefer to read a book in the open air. To add a personal touch to the garden, residents can utilise our variety of pots and raised planters, allowing them to customise the space with their favourite plants or flowers. The garden is enhanced with a built-in fountain, designed to simplify maintenance and add a touch of serenity. We organise regular events during the summer and invite members of the local community to celebrate with us at our care home in Henfield.

Upper Mead Care Home Garden

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