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Life at Derwent Lodge Care Home

At Derwent Lodge, we believe that whilst receiving exceptional care, you should be able to carry on with the things you love. We have built the most beautiful facilities for residents, including 56 bedrooms, communal lounges and a cafe & kitchenette. Residents can choose to relax in these or enjoy their favourite refreshments at any time of the day, our team are available around the clock to make you feel comfortable. We encourage residents to adopt an active lifestyle where it is possible. We have a large resident’s garden that we spend time upkeeping in the summer months or provide indoor and outdoor activities for residents to opt in for on a daily basis.

Bringing smiles to the faces of those in our care fills our hearts with warmth and reminds us why we are so devoted to caring for our residents, which is why we work hard to ensure they can always live their best lives. Whether it’s enjoying a chat and a cupcake with friends or loved ones, an afternoon full of live entertainment, or relaxing with a book in our courtyard, we are ready to be your reason to smile!


Communal Lounges

We know that as well as living an active lifestyle, it is very important to kick back and relax for however long it is needed. Our communal lounges are available for residents to chat with their friends and loved ones, or to call their family members for a catch-up. The lounges are also fully stocked with different books and magazines, but you are more than welcome to bring your own – the more the merrier! We have built our care home in Billingshurst with comfort as a top priority, so have provided a range of cushions and comfy chairs for you to choose from.


Cafe & Kitchenette

Our Bistro Cafe & Kitchenette is a lovely private area where residents can enjoy a variety of delicacies and refreshments whenever they fancy it. One of our most popular options is afternoon tea, as our residents and those closest to them can eat lots of different food choices and it’s perfect if they don’t know exactly what they want to eat but fancy a range of sweet and savoury treats. The kitchen team are honoured to be able to provide treats to our residents during their stay.

Our Cafe Bistro


At Derwent Lodge in Billingshurst, we have skilled chefs and a kitchen team who work together to cook diverse, and nutritious meals on a daily basis. Menus are designed seasonally and are customised based on what our residents love to eat the most. We understand the value of family and friendship, so welcome them to join us and build more memories with our residents. Our wonderful team take the time to arrange a number of social events including cheese and wine nights, food or drink tasting or cooking demonstrations which is always a top hit with the residents. Residents are given the flexibility to decide where they want to eat, whether it is in our dining room, in front of the TV or in the courtyard in the summer months.

dining room derwent lodge

En-suite Bedrooms

Each of our 56 bedrooms at Derwent Lodge has been meticulously designed to make sure we exceed the expectations of our residents. They have ample space to store all of their personal belongings and different areas to chill out. Each of our bedrooms fits a colour scheme and we make sure that all furniture is in great condition for our residents. Each bedroom is also fitted with everything needed to suit the needs of our residents including a profiling bed, nurse calling system, and an adapted bathroom with a toilet and basin. We also encourage our residents to personalise their rooms to really make it their own, bringing anything they wish from home!

One of Our Bedrooms

Indoor & Outdoor Activities

Our compassionate team at Derwent Lodge understand how important it is to stay active and take part in activities that can improve your cognitive functions. We have a team of activities coordinators who create a weekly plan of indoor and outdoor activities for residents to take part in, based on their preferences. Residents are encouraged to not only continue doing what they love the most but also try out some new interests. There is always something happening whether it is planting flowers in the garden, playing card games or going to look at the local area of Billingshurst.

resident outside potting flower

Live Entertainment

The physical and mental well-being of our residents is our highest priority for our care home in Billingshurst. Our residents find great joy in watching or participating in different entertainment events, so this is something we provide for them on a regular basis. We have all different types of performers based on what our residents want the most including singing and dancing, instrument performance or quiz evenings. Our team at Derwent Lodge will go the extra mile to ensure residents can have as much control over their lives as possible, allowing them to decide which types of entertainment they want to take part in.

Residents Dancing With Entertainer

Resident Garden

Our all-inclusive care home in Billingshurst, West Sussex includes an outdoor courtyard that spans the length of the home. There are ample seating areas for residents and their loved ones to catch up, easily accessible pathways to walk on or benches to read a book. We also have multiple pots or raised planters for residents to customise the garden with their favourite plants or flowers, with a built-in fountain to make the upkeep easier than ever! During the summer months, we also hold regular events to invite members of the local community to enjoy special days with our Derwent Lodge family.

derwent lodge garden

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