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Dementia Care

Derwent Lodge Care Home in Billingshurst, West Sussex, provides exceptional dementia care that allows residents to continue enjoying the things they love. Our purpose-built care home includes 56 comfortable bedrooms, inviting communal lounges, and a cosy café, ensuring that our residents feel right at home. Our separate dementia care unit offers a calm and supportive environment specifically designed for individuals living with dementia. Our dedicated team is available around the clock to provide personalised care and support, fostering an atmosphere of warmth, dignity, and enrichment.

What is Dementia Care?

Dementia care is specialised support and assistance provided to individuals living with dementia, a condition that affects memory, thinking, and behavior. At Derwent Lodge, our dementia care focuses on maintaining residents’ emotional wellbeing, identity, and dignity. Our approach includes personalised care plans, engaging activities, and a supportive environment that promotes cognitive function and physical health. Our aim is to enhance the quality of life for our residents, ensuring they feel safe, respected, and valued.

Why Choose Dementia Care at Derwent Lodge in Billingshurst?

At Derwent Lodge, our specialist dementia team, including qualified nurses, provides 24/7 care tailored to each resident’s unique needs. We understand that dementia affects everyone differently, so our care plans are personalised to support each stage of the condition. Our home is designed with the needs of dementia residents in mind, featuring calm and enriching environments, such as a beautiful garden and dedicated social spaces, to encourage residents to stay active and engaged. 

We prioritise the emotional wellbeing of our residents, offering a range of activities and therapies that promote mental health and cognitive function. From live entertainment to relaxing in our courtyard with a book, there’s always something to enjoy. Respectful communication and individualised care plans help maintain our residents’ identity and dignity. We believe in empowering our residents, ensuring they continue to lead fulfilling lives. Additionally, our close-knit community at Derwent Lodge provides a sense of belonging, allowing residents to enjoy socialising with friends and family in a welcoming atmosphere that fosters meaningful connections.

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Personalised Care Plans at Derwent Lodge Care Home

At Derwent Lodge, our dementia care unit offers a safe and supportive environment for residents, fully equipped to meet the needs of those with dementia. We provide personalised care plans and specific dementia-friendly activities to ensure each resident receives the attention and support they need to thrive. Our team works closely with residents and their families to develop care plans that respect their preferences and needs. Our dementia care activities are designed to improve cognitive function and physical health. From gardening to music therapy, our residents have plenty of opportunities to stay active and engaged.

Our dedicated team, trained in dementia care, provides compassionate and professional support. We focus on building strong relationships with our residents, understanding their individual stories and needs. At Derwent Lodge, we believe in a holistic approach to dementia care, addressing physical, emotional, and social needs. Our goal is to create a nurturing environment where residents can enjoy their best lives, supported by a community that values their identity and dignity.

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Dementia Care FAQs

What is a dementia care home?

A dementia care home is a specialised facility that provides care and support for individuals living with dementia. These homes offer a safe and structured environment with trained staff who understand the unique challenges of dementia. At Derwent Lodge, we provide personalised care plans, engaging activities, and a supportive community to enhance the quality of life for our residents.

What makes a good dementia care home?

A good dementia care home offers personalised care, a supportive environment, and trained staff. Key features include tailored care plans, enriching activities, and a focus on maintaining residents' identity and dignity. At Derwent Lodge, our calm and enriching environments, expert care team, and holistic approach ensure residents receive the best possible care.

When should someone with dementia go into a care home?

Deciding when to move a loved one with dementia into a care home can be challenging. It may be time to consider a care home if the individual’s safety is at risk, if caregiving at home becomes too difficult, or if their health and wellbeing are declining. At Derwent Lodge, we provide a safe and supportive environment where residents can receive the specialised care they need.

How to choose a care home for dementia?

When choosing a care home for dementia, consider factors such as the quality of care, staff expertise, and the environment. Look for homes that offer personalised care plans, engaging activities, and a supportive community. Visiting the home, meeting the staff, and speaking with other families can also help you make an informed decision. At Derwent Lodge, we welcome you to visit and experience our exceptional dementia care firsthand.

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