residents and carer on valentines day with cake

Recent Events At Ullswater: Shopping, Arcade Fun & Baking

At Ullswater Cottage Care Centre in Pease Pottage, we are delighted to share that we have had a great start to the beginning of the year, with lots of fun and interesting things going on for our residents.

A Great Start to The Year…

Shopping, Coffee and Cake  

In January, our lovely staff had the pleasure of taking our residents to enjoy some light shopping and a trip to the coffee shop where our resident was able to indulge in some delicious cake and of course, a mandatory coffee to go with it.

Another outing we had in January involved one of our residents taking a trip to the local arcade, where lots of games were enjoyed like Space Invaders and Pacman, and of course a go on the bowling alley! 

resident in cafe
valentines day cake

Baking Cakes for Valentine’s Day 

At Ullswater Cottage Care Centre, we believe in celebrating love and warmth, especially on Valentine’s Day. Our residents gathered to enjoy the delicious cakes, filled with smiles all around, it’s moments like these that remind us of the beauty in togetherness, and spending special moments like this with our residents brings us all so much joy. 

Residents have thoroughly enjoyed getting out and about these last few months and exploring the local area. We always encourage residents to take the opportunity to enjoy getting outdoors, embrace the weather when it’s warm, and go on local excursions when possible. We acknowledge the importance of these outings for our residents to promote their mental and physical health while also fostering community engagement in their local area.

For more information about our care home or the wonderful activities we offer for our residents, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.